Good Will Hunting

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GOOD WILL HUNTING SYNOPSIS This movie is based on the character Will Hunting who works at MIT, a prestigious University, as a janitor. He endured an extremely rough childhood as an orphan. Whilst working one day Will stops and puzzles out a math problem written on a blackboard that had been left for the graduate students to solve, but none could accomplish it. upon seeing this Professor Lambeau discovers Will’s limitless intelligence and decides to bail him out of jail for his crime of assault, on the terms that he will meet with him once a week to study maths, and meet with a therapist once a week. He is reluctant to see a therapists, but he out plays and outwits five, who quit as they can’t handle him tearing their lives apart and …show more content…

Due to these experiences he is able to teach Will many valuable lessons about life and love, and has a greater impact on Will that any one else could. He teaches Will that love is not always a fairytale and that no two people are perfect, “but the question is whether or not you are perfect for each other.” Sean opens up to Will and tells him about his past and some personal aspects of his life. This acts shows intelligence on Sean's behalf as it makes Will feel trusted and therefore loved, it also encourages Will to open up to him, which makes it possible for Sean to help him. One of Sean’s finest qualities is his selflessness. Unlike Professor Lambeau he is not helping Will for his own advantage, he actually cares about his welfare and emotions, he realises that he is in a fragile state and knows that he can’t be pushed into anything he doesn’t want to do, as it would result poorly for Will. He respects Will’s interests, whilst Professor Lambeau

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