Good by Evil

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Carol A. Senf uses a critical theory lens when she picks apart Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The majority of literary critics interpret this popular myth to be the opposition of good and evil, they turn a blind eye to the more specifically literary matters such as method of narration, characterization, and style. Carol Senf’s critical essay “Dracula: the Unseen Face in the Mirror” she believes that Stokers novel “revolves, not around the conquest of Evil by Good, but on the similarities between the two” (Senf 421). Her argument is as follows: In Senf’s essay she points out that modern readers of Stokers novel are more likely to be surprised by this version of Dracula. In Stokers novel most of the action occurs in nineteenth-century London. Senf…show more content…
Dracula even admits to Harker that the reason he invited him to Transylvania is so that he could learn the subtle nuances of English law and business. Stoker writes Mr. Harker at Dracula’s castle wondering around from boredom of being held captive, he finds Dracula’s sleeping box full of earth and a freshly feed and ripe Dracula: This was the being I was helping to transfer to London, where perhaps for centuries to come he might... satiate his lust for blood, and create a new and ever-widening circle of semi-demons to batten on the helpless. The very thought drove me mad. A terrible desire came upon me to rid the world of such a monster. There was no lethal weapon at hand, but I seized a shovel which the workmen had been using to fill the cases, and lifting it high, struck, with the edge downward, at the hateful face. (pp. 62-63) [53-54] If this quote were to be taken out of context, it would be difficult to distinguish the man from the monster. Senf does a great job in pointing out the similarities between Harker and Dracula. Harker acts upon behavior generally attributed to a vampire, such is the habit of attacking a sleeping victim, violence, and irrational behavior. Harker disregards his civilized Englishman manner for in his mind he can justify his violent attack to Dracula because he can picture himself as the protector for millions of helpless criticizes. All of the narrators insist on the duty to defend the innocents. Senf implies that the

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