Got Wifi?

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Got Wifi? Nancy Shute from U.S. News and World Report states in her article ‘3 Ways Electronic Media Harm Kids’ Health and 3 Ways They Can Help’ “A dozen studies have correlated TV in the early years with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) later in childhood.” Kids today spend more hours on electronic devices such as computers, phones, and TV than sleeping. Having young children watch certain TV shows posed as a positive effect for the brain. However, with recent studies from China, it shows that no matter the affect having a lot of electronic experience is bad for the body. In “Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children”, Jane E. Brody argues that, although Internet addiction isn’t considered a clinical diagnoses here, more American youths are plugged out of “live” action for many hours of the day. Brody states that heavy use of electronic media can have a significant negative effects on not only the behavior but the health and school performance of a child as well. In the study from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence shows that children who play violent games have a tendency to be more dangerous in society. Violent behavior consists something of: more aggressive, fighting with peers and parents. Many believe that being exposed to a certain thing will…show more content…
Children are more willing to lay on the couch to watch episode after episode than they are to go play outside. An epidemic is traveling through the country about how we must make a change to these children’s diets. TV ads are constantly showing high calorie foods and making them look delicious- this is a way to drag attention to young viewers. Before TV’s were so popular it was common to get a group together and play some sort of sport and spending all hours outside doing physical activity. In today’s world, it is more common to get a group together to binge watch Netflix and eat junk food. You can see the problem with
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