The Effects Of Violent Media On Children

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In discussions of violent media, one controversial issue is whether violet media, like videogames, or comic books have a negative or positive effect on kids. On the one hand, some people argue that they enjoy expressing built up anger and emotions through reading comic books. On the other hand, violent media can effect young children and have them think it’s okay to be violent in real life. My own view is violent media does cause kids to have a mindset that killing or violent actions are okay to do. Violent media is everywhere in this generation of technology. The violent med wouldn’t effect children if some regulations were made but still need children would exposed. Craig A. Anderson professor of psychology at Iowa University examined children behaviors with different media. Anderson stated, “About 90 percent of U.S. youth aged eight to eighteen play videogames, with boys averaging about nineteen hours a week.” (Anderson). This high percentage of children videogames cause them to see a variety of different games including ones that are not even meant for this to play with. Videogames similar to movies are rated. The rating of an “E” means it’s intend for every one of all ages. Anderson stated, “ ‘E’ videogames have more than 30 percent of violence descriptor in them, and more than 90 percent of ‘E10+’ games contain violence descriptor” (Anderson). Of course the more graphic violence it is rated higher, to prevent young children from playing it but the games meant for
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