Government Reflection

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Throughout my learning experience in this American Government course, a plethora of topics were covered- early American history and contemporary government issues, court cases and amendments. While not every topic was as intriguing and as powerful as others, there were a number of points discussed that fascinated me while I was doing my studying and note taking. One of these more, if not most, important topics I learned in American Government, was the supreme court case of Marbury v. Madison. The final judgement of this case dramatically changed how the American government would rule for the following centuries. Additionally, amendments to the United States’ Constitution, struck me as important because they have changed the future of America as they get introduced. While there are plenty of important issues covered in American Government, there are however, ones that are less important to me. Specifically, the Articles of the Confederation as well as the electoral college. With both of these topics, I do not necessarily think of them as unimportant, but rather, they are used poorly given the context of what they are supposed to be doing. Finally, one of the main topics that I had not known much about before American Government was what the Miranda Rights are. I had only known previously that you were given rights before being arrested, yet did not know what they were called, nor the extent of them. The learning done through out this class has enabled me to better understand
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