Grace Roux. Mrs. Dalrymple. English 10. 23 January 2017

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Grace Roux
Mrs. Dalrymple
English 10
23 January 2017
Children’s Rights Movement In 2015, over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care ("Children 's Rights"). The current foster care system has been a failing system for many years. Many children are neglected or put into abusive homes. Many foster homes have several children residing in them. Which means many kids have mental illnesses, or get into drugs. These kind of situations do not allow kids to get the proper care they need. While many reforms of the system have been put into play, most have failed to make a change. People across the country should join the Children 's Rights movement to ensure safety for current and future generations. Foster care reform is one of the
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When the kids come over illegally they end up getting sent back, but with proper representation they could stay and start new and better lives for themselves. Many kids are also being diagnosed with mental illnesses they don 't have and they aren’t being properly treated. Many children in foster care show behaviors related to the abuse and trauma they have gone through in the past. But rather than getting the therapeutic counseling and mental health support to treat the problem, kids are given powerful psychotropic medications to control their behavior. Kids in foster care are often prescribed drugs at a higher rate than other children. The drugs they are given are not good for them and can cause physical and mental harm. Some people may not want to join the Children’s Rights movement because of an increase in taxes or immigration. Kids will work for cheap labor and that is taking American jobs. It is also causing overpopulation. It also brings the crime rates up in our areas and isn 't healthy for our community. They bring our children into bad situations. However, kids should be given a fair chance at a good life. They should be given legal representation so if they are caught, they have a fair chance at fighting for a better life. Many kids come over due to unsafe conditions and they are looking to be safe. Many people feel that if people can 't care for themselves and their families. We shouldn 't have to pay for their mistakes through taxes.
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