Grade Up Narrative

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Rushi Patel
Mr. Warner
Language Arts
3 February, 2016
Grade Up

“Hey Ben, have you seen this?” my dad exclaimed. Oh shoot, what could it be this time, I considered? I hoped that it wouldn’t be a bad grade, because I had not done anything yesterday and the days before, as I had been practicing hard for a game against our rival school. Hopefully it could have been something a kid in his class from Harvard had made, like last week when someone had made an toy car that ran on carbon dioxide. “Seen what Dad?” I stammered. “Just come down here!” he shouted. Fearing the worst, I wrenched open the door, and bolted down the stairs to my Dad’s office, where I saw him looking at his computer. Immediately, I knew what he was yelling at me for. “So …show more content…

When the bell rang I bolted out of science and sprinted across the broken pavement, brushing past many students. When I got inside, I went through my study guide multiple times, until Ms. Baker, my teacher, told us to put away our study guides and bring out a pencil. She passed out the test, and with a groan I saw how thick it was. I opened it and it there were 50 questions! Immediately, I got stumped on the first question. And then the fifth one. And the seventh, tenth, nineteenth, which were all about some crazy kid name Bill trying to figure out which bike tire was the best for the price. When I finally was finished with the test, there was 2 minutes left in the period. I reluctantly dropped my paper into the scanner, my hand sweaty from nervousness. Slowly I opened my eyes.
“No” I whispered to myself. I had gotten a B-, which I doubted would have raised my grade up to a C- or above, which is what I needed to be able to shoot some hoops again. But at least I didn’t get a C or lower, which would have surely dropped my grade to an F, and make me in a bigger hole than I was before. So as the bell rang, I reluctantly got my backpack and went to the parking lot where my dad was going to pick me up. I knew right off the bat that he was going to ask me what I got. So, I came straight out and told him that I got a B-. But I layed it on thick saying that I was sure that it wouldn’t drop my grade, and would probably bring it up. So when we got home, we checked Grade Check and saw that my grade was only brought up by 3%, to a

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