Graduate Studies Personal Statement

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Graduate Studies During the course of my undergraduate studies, I knew that furthering my education would be something I would strive to do. However, I felt that obtaining work experience first would be beneficial to my capability and knowledge for graduate school. Moreover, I felt that the work experience would help increase my basic practice skills and give me the capability to see areas that I could better improve in. Currently, I am employed as a foster care case specialist at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. I have been employed in this position a little over a year now. While serving in this position I have had the opportunity to see the importance of continuing my education. Now that I have had a year to gain experience and field…show more content…
My family is very supportive of not only my career but my career goals. They are aware of the time it will take and the commitment required for the program. Fortunately, my family believes that there is a great importance on continuing my education and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help me achieve my goals. Their encouragement and support will serve a great need during my participation in the program.
The last part of my preparations is the financial commitment. I am fortunate enough that both my husband and I have full time jobs that will help with the financial side of the program. My employer is open to allowing me to arrange my work schedule to help with my class schedules and any other needs that may arise. This will allow me to maintain full time employment while attending school.
In conclusion, I look forward to having the opportunity to advance my practice skills and knowledge through the Master’s of Social Work program. Throughout this last year, I have learned the value of the education I received and the importance of my training. However, I have had the ability to see where improvements would benefit my professional abilities and where I hope to be long term in my profession. I personally cannot wait to obtain the knowledge that comes from receiving a Master’s Degree in Social
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