Becoming A Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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My aspiration is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the field of behavioral/mental health. How I 've acted toward this goal is by attending and graduating from Gateway Community College, so that I could transfer into Arizona State University (ASU) to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Social Work. My intentions in applying for the Advanced Standing Program in Direct Practice is to collaborate with future classmates and ASU faculty staff to demonstrate best practices in training and research. Moreover, my aspiration is to become an advocate in the southwest communities.
Within the past twenty-five years, my life experiences have led me to become passionate about social work. Although my journey in social work hasn 't been something I’ve always known I wanted to do when I was young, a combination of personal, professional, and academic experiences has pointed me into the direction where I am today. As the oldest out of four siblings, my family has always worked hard to get where they’re at now. Knowledge of my parent 's personal; as well as, their professional struggle of not having a college degree has led them to work hard for everything they 've received in their life. Acknowledging what my parents have gone through has pushed me to receive my Associates in Liberal Arts so that I will able to graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work in the Spring 2017.
As stated before, my journey in social work hasn’t been straightforward, yet one life experiences have

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