Graduation Speech: Discrimination In The United States

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With great pleasure do I stand here, ready to share my concerns. It has been three hundred thirty three years since we have been dragged to this nation. We have been here, tending crops, taking care of the nation as a whole. And how do we get paid? By sneers and abuses. By discrimination. By a segregation that does not let us go near someone because of our skin color. And because of our skin color, we cannot have the very things that can simply be ours as well. Our men have suffered from the hands of the whites. We have been subjected to be called unfathomable slurs that we can no longer endure. But what about us? What about the black women who have also suffered and went through the depths of Hell and back? What do we do? We came here, …show more content…

The Lord has given us an alternative. In 1920, women exercised their own right to vote. In 1923, we almost had the Equal Rights Amendment ratified. But it does not have to stop there. We will no longer have to stay behind the shades of our houses, neither do we have to stay quiet in a world dominated by whites. Today, we will stand.They will not put us down. They might want to deprive us our rights, they will intend to crush us, but we will be stand tall, with our chins up. Ephesians 2:14 says, “For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,” To tear down this wall is what the Lord claims. This wall between gender expectations. No longer will it be determined by what we look like nor the fact that we are women. Brothers and sisters, we are facing a time of hardship. We are facing a time where they want to quiet us down. But we have started to raise our voices, and they are finally listening to us. I am conscious that some black folk would want to stay in the safe haven that is their home, turning a blind eye to what we believe will be resolved in the future. As women, as mothers, how do we expect to live in such a way, when one day our very children would not be able to walk through the gates of a college for the reason of the pigment of their …show more content…

Sisters, today we stand, to reform our ways in society, in the eyes of men, in our own eyes, to get out of the expectations that were handed by our ancestors, to modify the way we want to live, the way we want to continue on, and the ways that will help us grow. No longer will we have to wait till our husband comes back, to step out. As women-- as black, strong women, we are in an era where there are possibilities. Let the change begin. Let the change continue on, with us right beside it. Let the change and ourselves reside together. Today will be a new day. Today black women as well as white women will continue on the path that we choose, not a path chosen for

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