Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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As I have mentioned before, I grew up and attended school under Scholar Academic philosophy, but my experience in high school was a mixing bowl of various ideologies and philosophies, as our school kept exploring options on how to improve academics and student enrollment. The changes I experienced in high school sparked my curiosity for an education career. I attended Sacramento High School. After my freshman year, our high school was shut down because of issues with attendance, academics, and staff shortage. I remember attending summer school at another high school, unsure of where I would be attending my 2nd year of high school. That summer, our school went from a public school to a charter school. We started the year with small learning communities, which changed to small learning schools the following year. I was part of the Health Learning Community, later changed to the Health and Engineering School. Our school went from one big high school, to small schools within the same school. Students were placed in one of four schools based on their interests. Part of our high school graduation requirement was volunteering and taking 2 courses of our choice at our local community college. Because our school went through so many changes, I was able to experience different ideologies than what I had experience in my elementary and middle school years. I my opinion, I was experiencing the Social Reconstruction and Student Centered Ideologies. In my high school, we were placed

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