Graduation Speech : Math And English Essay

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As a student starting off their schooling career there is a heavy focus on two subjects, that being Math and English. Within my elementary school career, I excelled in math and seemed to struggle with English as I was an ESL student. I struggled with English for years, but was able to learn Math very quickly. As a Mexican- American student, my family was not able to provide as much help with English as they were with Math. Regardless of any language barrier I could have had with teachers or my own parents, math was something I could grasp. I remember by third grade year, I had mastered multiplication tables and I was extremely proud of myself. However, by the time I began middle school I was already losing some of my strength in math. Starting middle school, I was placed into all honors math programs which was something I questioned. I myself didn’t feel that I was at a level where I should be placed in honors courses but I didn’t fight it. All was well until I began my eighth grade year, where I took Algebra. I didn’t expect much and didn’t even think that I would struggle within the course. I’m not sure if I wasn’t prepared for the course or maybe if the course was just difficult but I didn’t do as well as in prior courses. This year, I had struggled and was barely able to maintain a C within the course. By my second semester, I had considered switching out to the easier course provided by my school. However, I decided to commit and stick with my Algebra course. By the
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