Graduation Speech : My Easterling

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Introduction During the Fall Semester I was required to visit Easterling Primary School in Marion, South Carolina for an education course. I was filled with joy because I was once a student in Marion County and I was excited to view school from a different standpoint. I was scheduled to visit the school every Tuesday in the Month of October, but due to Hurricane Matthew we lost a few weeks and I had to go back for two weeks in November. I had the pleasure to be placed with Mrs. Johnson, a Special Education Teacher in a Self-Contained Classroom at Easterling. Mrs. Johnson has been teaching for a total of twenty nine years and has multiple certifications and degrees in the education field. Overall Easterling is a fairly large school and it …show more content…

I departed from Easterling a 10 o’clock on half days. When I went for the full day we went through all the general subjects such as Math and Reading. My day ended at 2 o’clock on the full day.
The Good Experiences
My Experiences I have had multiple good experiences at Easterling Primary. Many of the good experiences I experienced were observed by the Assistant Teacher Ms. Davis. Ms. Davis was very passionate about her job. She treated her students like they were her own children. If there was anything that the students did not have she went above and beyond to make sure her students got it. She also believed in her students regardless of what others said. For example, there was a student in the classroom that performed significantly low. He also was not able to read and the teacher that pulled him out for resource said that he would not be able to read. Ms. Davis refused to believe that and continued to work with him. On my last visit the student was able to read a sentence to me that read “Thank You”! My heart literally melted at that moment.
Confirmation about Teaching I am so thankful to have been place at Easterling Primary for my field experience. The visits I made to the school helped confirm that Special Education was for me. Even though I was with the students for only four short weeks, I was able to make real connections with them. It still amazes me how much they grew in all aspects. An example of this is there was

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