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I hoped they said no to the relationship. Princeton was my Paris not Nolan. My parents talked to each other and asked me more questions about Nolan. They couldn 't believe that I finally had a boyfriend. "Boyfriend" and "Nolan" in the same sentence made me lose my appetite. Mom and dad told me they wanted to meet him soon. They never said no to the relationship. Dang it. ¤》¤《¤ Nolan came for dinner the following Thursday. My parents legitimately pampered him when he introduced himself as a Milesblue. Good for him that his parents had money and influence. All I asked for was Princeton. "The lasagna is delicious," Nolan praised. I had told him to compliment my parents a lot. They hated getting buttered up. Make him look like a kiss-up, leading to my parents calling an end to the relationship. I was working with and against Nolan. "Thank you, dear. Do try the chicken too," my mom smiled. I stared at her. Whenever any of Hestia 's boyfriends said something like that, mom would reply, "Are you implying that the other food isn 't?" If only Nolan wasn 't a damn Milesblue! I sat miserable as Nolan got along with my parents. My appetite disappeared and I just stabbed my chicken with the fork. The chicken was playing Nolan. How could my own parents like the psycho lover?! They talked and talked. I stabbed and stabbed. At the end, mom said she was happy to finally see me with somebody. Oh please. "He smokes," I blurted out. Everyone looked at me. "No, I don 't," Nolan

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