Graduation Speech : Sports Or Extracurricular Activity

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From an early age, most children are put into some kind of sport or extracurricular activity. For my family, this sport or extracurricular was soccer. I was also put into things like gymnastics and piano lessons, but soccer seemed to be the only thing that my parents could get us to weekly without having to deal with the major crying fit that came along with our busy schedule and lack of naps. Luckily, I was placed on a team with coaches and friends that made me love the game even more. I was probably five or six years old when I first went to practice with the Grapevine-Colleyville Mustangs. I remember my mom helping me get dressed, starting with the practice jersey and finishing with the tying of my cleats. While I was excited to get…show more content…
We were grouped up in pairs and were told to pass the ball back and forth. Not knowing what that meant, I kicked the ball as hard as I could, nailing my partner in the stomach with the ball. Coach Louis came rushing over to make sure I hadn’t seriously injured the poor girl picking her back up and allowing her to take a water break (This girl never seemed to like me and only played for the team for a few months before switching to another recreational team). From there, we were all given a detailed lesson on how to properly kick the ball back and forth. After the kicking lesson we sat down as a team to learn all of the positions on the field. At this age, only six players are on the field at once per team; three offensive players, three defensive players and no goalie. This starting method is very different than the traditional eleven players for adults which includes: four offensive players, four defensive players, two midfields who can play either defensive or offensive side and finally, your goalie. If anyone has ever tried watching a group of toddlers try to play an actual game of soccer, these positions are quickly forgotten and they all go after the ball at the same time. This method of playing the game can quickly end in injury if the referee doesn’t stop the game and reset each position. This is what a majority of the Grapevine-Colleyville Mustang soccer games looked like for at least a year and a half until we all understood
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