Graduation Speech : The Public Education System

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The public education system has been in place for enough time to know the many goals it has for students. Horace Mann allowed his sole purpose to present equal opportunity to students so they can experience wealth. The idea that if a person attends public school they will have the equal opportunity to be wealthy and have any career they wish. However, “equality does not mean that everyone will have equal incomes and equal status” (Spring, 2013, p. 66). As Spring mentions above, this idea of what equality does not mean can play into social class and the resources a student has. Students who come from a wealthy background have more opportunity and resources available to them, due to their parents income. Consequently, students who come …show more content…

Social class can have an effect on a student’s success. Due to a household’s socioeconomic status (SES), this can determine what resources are available to a student. Some households are classified as high SES and some as low SES. While students from each type of household can attend the same school, these students may not have the same equality once in the classroom. Students from high SES households are able to have tutors. Whereas, students from low SES households may not have the same luxury. “The SES of students is determined by parental education level, parental occupation, family income, and household items” (Spring, 2013, p. 82). As mentioned during Jefferson’s time where segregation took place, we still see segregation in schools today. Many school districts are rich and many are poor. Most public schools are located in wealthy and poor neighborhoods. Families that have low SES cannot afford housing in wealthy areas. Resulting in their children attending schools in poor districts. It is not always possible for children of low SES households to have the best education based on the neighborhood their school is located in. This goes back to the inequality experienced by those who were not white men during the time the Declaration of Independence was signed. There are three models that are still practiced in public schools today. These models are the common school model, the sorting-machine model and the high stakes testing model.

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