Graffiti Is Vandalism Or Art?

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You can look on the internet and in a dictionary for the definition of art but in all reality, art is defined as something you see as art. To me, anything can be art. From building a sculpture or building, to even being an athlete. Being an athlete can be art because the person performs in his own way that is created by them. They have to create a form and a style to compete at the best of their abilities. There are many different types of art but when someone hears art, the first thing that comes to mind is a painting. But paintings do not have to be on a canvas. Think about the art on the side of traincarts you see, which is known as graffiti. But there is a problem when it comes to this type of art because there is a conflict in the art…show more content…
In mexico, the popular way of speaking back to the authority was by placing graffiti on the walls. For a place where the television, news paper and radio are unscrupulously influenced by the government, that's why the people communicate to the public by using graffiti. Back in 1968, after the Tlatelolco massacre of 300 students, there was a group of artists that formed up and called themselves SUMA. The reason behind the forming of the group was to create murals of the massacre so that it will not be forgotten or covered up by the government. In 2014, a news broadcast was presented over graffiti being put in a museum. They had famous graffiti artist on there to state their opinion on the idea of the museum. Sandra Fabara stated that graffiti is vandalism only if you get caught, but it's art if you get away with it. During the show, the took a poll on what the people saw as art or as vandalism. Forty-four percent said it was art and fifty-one said that it was vandalism. But for Sandra to say that it is vandalism but art when you get away from really means something if that is what you are known for doing. In 2012, Northern Territory News was stating that graffiti is being cut down on more than what should actually be the advertisements of half naked women during television shows where a younger child may be watching. If

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