Graffiti Vandalism Essay

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Is graffiti vandalism or art? Many people say that graffiti is art, while others disagree saying its vandalism. In my opinion, graffiti is art. This type of art can be understood in different ways and can be considered as vandalism. It really all depends on what the picture expresses to you and what you see. But everyone has their own opinions and everyone sees everything differently. While many of these artists who are extremely talented and spend most of their time on their pieces, our society has labeled them as vandals that damage private property.
Artists that use graffiti is a way of expression to society. They express what they might be feeling inside or going through. Every art piece has a story behind it. Graffiti is like poetry.
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For most people, graffiti is nothing more than splotches on a wall. But to those people who admire it, graffiti is a technique that is changing the way we look at spray paint.
“It may be called art, but I don’t like it,” (DuBois, 2015). Most of these artists who haven’t been recognized by galleries, risk themselves on a daily basis. This is their job, expressing their pain or happiness on a piece. Each time you pass a piece on a wall just ask yourself, “What could they be going through?” Art is expressed in so many ways. Graffiti is spread all over the world.
Graffiti artists have the constant threat of facing consequences for displaying their art. Many of them choose to protect their identities so they remain anonymous. Banksy is the world’s most notorious and well-known street artists who to this day remains faceless in today’s society. His tags are well-known for his anti-war, political stencil art. His work is seen from Bristol, England to anywhere from Los Angeles to Palestine. Pixnit is another artist who chooses to keep their identity anonymous. Her art focuses on beauty and design aspects of graffiti.
The term graffiti art essentially describes the post-1960s for decorating the urban environment through the use of aerosol spray paint. The development structure links with the underground hip-hop culture and b-boying. The B-boys, the first examples of hip-hop used graffiti as a way to express frustration with life.
Rather the categorization of graffiti art
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