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  • Street Art Vs. Art

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    What is Street Art? The definition of street art and graffiti is almost impossible to pin down.Generally it is a free public art that is inspired by the urban environment and includes a lot of extraordinary styles such as graffiti, sticker, video projection, street posters , art intervention and many others. Originally the spray can was essential to graffiti and other pieces of work. They were usually created on walls. However, more recently, street art has come to surround a range of materials aside

  • Street Arts : Street Art

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    culture to the streets of cities. It goes by many names, such as guerilla art, urban art, or neo-graffiti, but it is ultimately known as street art. Street art is now becoming a very prominent way for artists to show their opinions of the world and politics, and also gives the artist a public place to show their talent. It may not be a very old form of art, but art of its kind is beginning to be recognized around the world. There is a very large debate about whether certain kinds of street art may be considered

  • Importance Of Street Art

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    The best street art in the world you just have to check out (-- removed HTML --) Street art is one of those things that brings character to a city. It shows everyone that the city has a vibrant culture and community. It’s something that residents can take pride in. Street art is also a great tourist attraction. People love to look at art, and the best part about street art is that it’s free. Here is some of the best street art in the world that you just have to check out. Mexico City, Mexico

  • Street Art: The Accessibility Of Street Art

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    thing about street art is that even with the negative connotations of illegal tagging and painting on public property, there’s still a huge market for public art. However, some artists do not want to be paid because they think street art is supposed to be a more free way to create art, and being paid for it would be “selling out”. While graffiti just used to be created in order to be known, both modern graffiti and street art has become a way for artists to break out of the conventional art world. The

  • Street Art : The Case Of Banksy : Street Art

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    While one expects to be surrounded and moved by art when they enter a museum or visit an art gallery, the art which permeates our everyday lives, street art, is often undermined as “not real art” or simply vandalism. In a context other than a formal art environment, however, street artists are able to use the environment that their work is created in or on to contribute to the larger meaning of their piece. Street art “is a paradigm of hybridity in global visual culture, a post-postmodern genre being

  • Street Art : Street Artist

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    good. Street art is a topic that falls under one of those situations. Many people associate street art with gangs, vandalism, violence, and other controversial topics. Being realistic, it is understandable why society may have this opinion of street art, but it also serves many other significant purposes. Street art can be used as a medium to voice political and social opinions of a community, and also spread awareness. Banksy, an anonymous street artist, is one of the most controversial street artist

  • Street Art Is Visual Art

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    Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. The term gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the early 1980s and continues to be applied to subsequent incarnations. Stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art or sticker art, and street installation or sculpture are common forms of modern street art. Video projection, yarn bombing and Lock On sculpture became popularized at the turn of the 21st

  • Street Art And Art Vandalism

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    Street Art; an endless debate on whether people should consider the form of art vandalism or a part of the Fine Arts movement. Street Art (also known as “Graffiti”) first appeared in the beginning of human society and prehistoric times with inscriptions, hieroglyphics and figure drawings found in walls, caves, and monuments from Egyptian times as well as ancient Rome. According to Wikipedia, this form of expression can be defined as writings, paintings, drawings, symbols or scribbling on a surface

  • Street Art And Murals Of Los Angeles

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    anywhere in Los Angeles there is graffiti or street art all around. Some say vandalism and I say ART. There is so many types of street art, like tagging, stickers, characters, murals, and more. Places in Los Angeles are mostly covered with beautiful murals. When street artists create murals they create a voice for everyone in that community without saying a word. There are many different types of street art and murals that are part of any community. Street art and murals can give a voice or a cultural

  • Essay On Street Art

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    The Validity of Street Art as a Catalyst for Political and Social Change Introduction Street art and graffiti are two different styles of urban art, and yet they still hold some of the same characteristics. After all, street art was born out of graffiti, and an article in Huffington Post described their relationship in the clearest way: “Graffiti was the template, the means, the method. Street art adopted all of this and pushed the boundaries of what outside art can be, going beyond anything achieved