Grand Parents Research Paper

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After the grandparents have began taking care of their grandchildren, there are many different worries that may occur. Some of the biggest worries the grandparents may have include; securing a future for the children, raising teenagers in a society they aren't used too, and what would happen to the children if something happened to them and they could no longer care for the children. The grandparents may also begin to realize that they are lacking a bit in both physical and emotional health. Due to the amount of time they are spending with the children, they may come to the conclusion that they don't have enough time and energy to continue working. This can cause them to cut back on the amount of hours that they are working or to give up employment all together. Giving up employment can be a …show more content…

The first is to accept the reality of their loss. This is a critical step for both the grandparents and the children. The grandparents are loosing their freedom and personal space, as well as, their hopes, dreams, and goals for retirement. The children are loosing their parents and the home environment that they have grow accustomed too. The second step is to work through the pain and grief. Grief is defined as an emotional response to loss that includes a complex mixture of painful affects including sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt, and despair. It is important for both parties to work through these emotions appropriately and not take them out on each other. Adjusting to a new environment without the parents is the third step. This is especially important for the children as they will now have different people to provide parental responsibilities to them. The fourth step is to emotionally relocate the person or people that they lost and move one. This can help the grandparents and children have a better

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