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R Truby 1
Robert T. Truby
Instructor Vincent Basso
English 101.064
30 January 2012
Robert H. Truby I have a grandfather named Robert Henry Truby. Before he was born in 1945, two of his uncles were shot and killed. One was named Bill and another was named Sam. In the early 1900s, there was a feud between my family and another up by Bondad, Colorado. A gangster rancher by the name of Ike Cox shot two of his uncles as a result of this family feud. The mother could not bear the chance of losing another son. Right after Sam’s death, she decided to move the family and their cattle to New Mexico. My bloodline moved to an unforgiving desert seeking survival. They moved to a remote location called Largo Canyon to raise their cattle and …show more content…

After all the Coca-Cola he’s had in the past sixty-eight years, Papo is still working out on the farm. It hurts his back, but he still gets out there and does what needs to be done. He values his John Deer tractors. After mastering all the skills of farming, old age seems to take over just a little bit. It is quite humorous to watch Papo drive the tractor because he’s always running over stuff. It’s not on purpose. His perception is just off a little. He won’t take the obvious blame, instead he’ll jokingly blame it one someone or something else. He knows that his family won’t believe him and that’s what makes it even funnier. My grandpa has his own sense of humor that I find intriguing and different.
I may have more respect for my father, but I feel closer to Robert. We’ve got the same name, but that’s not the reason. I have a connection with my grandpa that words cannot describe. He is my idol. I look up to him in all things, except when it comes to computers. He is not very good with computers. He holds a lot of feelings back in fear that he will upset someone. In order to find out if I’ve let him down, I have to know him on a deeper level. This can be quite difficult because he is so subtle and modest. My grandpa wants me to be the best I can be. I can’t tell you
R Truby 4 how many times Papo reminded me to go to school and to do my homework so I can get a good job one day. I am his lineage and I am a direct

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