Essay on Graphic Design at Experimental Jetset

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Art is the expression, thoughts and imagination that people express them by drawing, painting and assist people to creates more things by using their skills. Graphic design has became so successful from 1800s, by using the graphic design artists have created so many design and assist them to put their thoughts and ideas to create designs. "Experimental Jetset" is a graphic design company founded by Marieke Stolk, Danny van den Dungen and Erwin Brinkers. They also well have known for their use of Helvetica. "MMX" was a poster designed by graphic design firm "Experimental Jetset".

Most often artist influence of movement or design from another pattern. These designers influenced by movement such as De Stiji, Bauahaus. According designers, …show more content…

Other than that, there is also space between each rectangle that help viewer to understand the theme of this design.

The principles used in this design include figure/ground relationship, asymmetrical contrast and repetition. Out of all these principles, contrast and repetition stands out most. In this work, there is contrast and repetition in colors. Color changed as it has moved one triangle to another. In addition, rhythm and repetition played important part in this design because the geometric shapes repeated more than once. Furthermore, there is also contrast in the size of the type and triangles. For instance, the title "The 2010 Shepley Bulfinch Summer Design Fellowship MMX" used bigger in size than other text. In this work, the figure/ground is well-balanced as well as positive and negative space. These triangles in primary colors and secondary colors are considered as figure and the white part in each rectangle considered as ground. The primary focal points are the triangle in red, blue and yellow. Then the secondary focal point is the triangle that colored in purple and light orange. At last, the tertiary focal point is the texts and the white background of the poster.
The composition makes the design successful and helps viewers to understand the message from the design. In this piece, work composition approaches successfully because figure/ground played

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