Essay on Great Expectation Test(Answers)

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Stage I of Pip's Expectations: Ch. I to IX
Chapter I 1. How does Dickens use setting to convey the mood right at the opening?
Charles Dickens uses the imagery of a bleak, unforgiving Nature in his exposition of "Great Expectations" to convey the mood of fear in Chapter 1. The weather is described as "raw" and the graveyard a "bleak" place. The "small bundle of shivers" is Pip himself, who is terrified by a "fearful man, all in coarse grey, with a great iron on his leg." He is a desperate man, with broken shoes,as he grabs the orphan Pip. .

2. What does Dickens' description of the first convict tell us about him?

3. What is surprising about the narrative point-of- view Dickens has adopted? the narrator of Great Expectations
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This startles the entire family; next, Pip's sister goes to get the pork pie. Gratefully, they are distracted by the soldiers. The soldiers have discovered the filed handcuffs; Magwitch had used Joe's file to saw them open. The soldiers realize the file must have come from Joe's forge. This is awful because then Joe looks guilty, and Pip feels horrible. He has to decide whether or not to confess his crimes. Fortunately, Magwitch covers for him, and he gets off the hook
Vocabulary: “bolting" = swallowing without properly chewing (probably an indication of Pip's apprehensiveness at the dinner table); “hulks" = former naval vessels now being used as temporary prisons.

Chapter III
1. What is surprising about the attitude of the two convicts towards one another?
Both the convicts - Magwitch and Compeyson - are sworn enemies and given half a chance they would immediately kill one another. In Ch. 3 both of them have escaped from the prison ships and are in hiding on the marshes waiting for a suitable opportunity to make good their escape. Naturally,they are both tense and nervous and scared of the slightest noise. Their imaginary fears makes them to over react even at the slightest noise or disturbance. This is what is surprising about their attitude and adds to the suspense, because the readers want to know more about the relationship of these two convicts.

2. What object in this
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