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The Great Gatsby essay
In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reflect the theme of the novel as the “Great American Dream”, signifies Gatsby or the American dream is not so great, demonstrate Nick’s goal as a narrator is to expose the reality of the American dream though the title-The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald’s symbolism and sarcastic tone illustrates the reality of the great American dream through the lost of morality country wide, the success of the Gatsby persona and the impossibility to ascend class in the society.
The past morality and social restriction are broke away by the careless society. Through Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism,The heroic past of the United States has declined, the symbolic name of guests at Gatsby’s party provides …show more content…

The American dream is unable to be achieved because you can never change your class, no matter how much wealth you were able to put together or who you could hook up

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