The American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald's, is based off people's perception of the American dream in society. In The Great Gatsby money is the center of many of the characters lives; but they soon see that money isn't everything and it can't buy love or happiness. Fitzgerald uses distortion to make people see how twisted the “American dream had gotten”. The American dream was something that many had hoped and prayed for. The American dream was on every American's and non Americans mind to get out of the struggle and find peace and settle down in America. In the The Great Gatsby the American dream throughout the novel was shown as twisted and toxic, and not what it used to be. In the 1920’s it was all about how much money you had and the social status you held. During this time many believed in this system and tried there hardest to fit in or connect with the people who were already apart of the system. The distortion of the American dream in The Great Gatsby had every character believing in it one hundred percent such as Gatsby,Nick,Daisy, and Tom. To the way they partied, to the way they traveled leaving west and east egg. Many believed the key to living a happy life only depended on your wealth and social status. With this being said the American dream had been distorted. Gaspy uses the American dream to start a new life. He wasn't always the fancy party thrower he worked for everything he had. He never wanted to struggle like his parents did. Gatsby wasn't
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