What Are The Great Moments At St. Francis High School Service

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Great moments are born from great opportunities. As a part of the Holy Cross family, we need to take every opportunity to help each other. This helping is also known as the service program in St. Francis High School. In the summer of 2013, I took an opportunity to experience the understanding of Holy Cross and Catholic. I joined the vacation bible camp and taught kids what is catholic or what we should do as a catholic. Those moments of my service program are indelible in my mind. On the third day of my service at the vacation bible camp as a teen leader, there was a six-year-old kid came and asked me a question after the mass. He asked me, "Is God really going to hear my prayer?" I was surprised a small kid asking me a question that probably no kids of his age would ask. I was thinking for a moment and trying to think how I should answer him. I gave him positive answer which is "Yes". The kid is confused for a moment and then asked, "Are you sure?" I know the kid was not expecting the answer "Yes" again, so I gave him another answer. I told him told every prayer will be heard by God, but God would choose the best plan for you even though the plan is not always what we want. After I answered, he ran away with some other kids and started playing. I believed I did a good job answering that question. I taught a catholic kid a deeper part of Catholic Christian. This is a great moment I experienced as part of the Holy Cross. As a Holy Cross man and representing BRIC, I pointed

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