Analysis Of Loyola University Chicago 's Mission Statement

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Loyola University Chicago has various opportunities that help engage students in different activities that can help them raise awareness of the outside world environment. Loyola’s mission statement states that “We are Chicago 's Jesuit Catholic university- a diverse community seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith.” Under this statement, students are reminded of engaging themselves with the community and provide service that can help the community and demonstrate God’s faith over all purposes. Through the commitment of “learning, justice, and faith”, as a student, I am inspired to do more as a person for the community. As an international student, I am very grateful of being able to participate in the Engaged Learning Community of ISOM (Information Systems Operations Management), and earn more knowledge and awareness of the case study provided in class.

Our Engaged Learning Community group was given the opportunity to participate with The Catholic Charity of Chicago, a group committed to help the less fortunate and the people with need of income. In accordance to Loyola’s mission, Catholic Charities helps the community regardless the background people seeking for assistance may come from. They are willing to provide assistance through funds, referrals, case managements, emergency shelter, clothing, food pantry, information on government benefit screening, basic needs, and social services.
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