Great War Dbq

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Cuba didn't want another foreign country imposing their government over them, which America brought upon them anyways by not granting them full independences and having moderate control over them. Both Spain and America abandon them which left corrupt rebel types in control with no outline of governance or proper constitution. It also granted Native people rebelling against U.S. rules. As time goes on, America is looking at Cuba as an enemy from the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and not an allied country even though they joined a war to help them gain their independence. So basically, America joined a war to make an enemy and intervening into the war they could have avoided. This may have brought a decent amount of gain for them, but countless U.S. lives were lost from it, and created …show more content…

Sounds like a waste of improvement, yet, America is known for intervening into other countries conflicts, like the Great War. To start of the Great War from the U.S. positive perspective, in this statement it says the U.S. joined the battle “When a Germany U-boat sank the British liner on May 7, 1915, killing 1,198, including 128 Americans, President Wilson sent a strong note to berlin. The May 13 warning, Document 1, demands that Germany disavow submarine warfare and respect the rights of Americans to sail on high seas. In January 1917, Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare, and Wilson broke diplomatic relations with Berlin…” (Merrill, Dennis, and Thomas G. Paterson pg. 29). So basically Germany didn’t want to listen or negotiate with Wilson’s offering to arbitrate the dispute. Wilson told congress by stating “The world must be made safe for democracy (Merrill, Dennis, and Thomas G. Paterson pg. 49).” President Wilson had no options but to join the war when Mexico

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