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Without the positive influences of Ancient Greece, modern day society might be a civilization of sick, nonconformist, overweight people. Thankfully, the Ancient Greeks spent time making contributions, which prevented that from happening. The Greeks used forethought, science, and philosophies to investigate platforms in medicine, democracy, and sports which allowed them to produce significant contributions to modern day society that are still being used today.
First, Greece was instrumental in defining the ethics of medicine. Greece created a pledge for doctors, making them responsible for always putting forth their best efforts in support of their patients. It was Hippocrates; perhaps one of the first doctors, also known as the “father …show more content…

(“Ancient Greece & You.”) This philosophy provided citizens with equal opportunities which then became the foundation for government in modern day society. Even though Greece’s system was rudimentary, it laid decent groundwork for the refined system we have today.
Third, Greece valued competition and because of their desire for the perfect body and their intense passion for competition, they founded the Olympic Games. Modern day society continues to celebrate the Olympic Games, and the games still bring nations together, to converse and share ideas. Additionally, three things remain constant from the original Greek Olympic Games; they are held every four years; they have opening and closing ceremonies, and the winning athletes are still treated with abundant importance. (“The Ancient Olympics.”)
While it is true that Rome did not implement or deliver the first idea of democracy, Rome did make laws that positively influenced that system of government by giving citizens equal treatment; allowing a citizen to be innocent until proven guilty and by putting the burden of proof on the accuser. "World History." These laws gave fairness to citizens that were not accessible before. However, it is also true that, without Greece previously designing and implementing democracy, Rome’s influences might never have happened. Rome needed the democracy system that Greece developed to make their rules applicable.
It is fair to say that Greece made positive influences by

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