Greed In Beowulf, The Prospector Tale, And Macbeth

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Greed, one of the seven deadly sins. It is known as wanting more of what you have or don't have. This usually makes people do things for what they want that lead to their downfall. In tales like Beowulf, The Prospector Tale, and Macbeth greed pushed their actions and those actions their downfall. In Beowulf, it begin after Grendel's death after the battle against Beowulf. Those in the mead hall rejoiced from this news but Grendel's Mom did not, instead she grew angry and was greeds for vengeance. This greed lead her to going to the mead hall where she "took a single victim,"(Beowulf line 410). Though this action did have consequences for when word got around of his death Beowulf was requested to go and kill her. A request he accepted and soon headed out and battle her. He not only brought her death after the battle but her downfall that was brought upon her by an action she took out of a greed for vengeance. In The Prospector it begin right at the beginning of the tale. Three brothers, known as Riders, were drinking beer at a bar. They catch wind of someone going around killing many people and head off to kill him. However instead of finding him they come upon an old man who tells them where to find him. Following the old man's directions they head off but do not find him once more, but instead "a pile of golden florins on the ground"(Chaucer line 169). They decide to split the gold among the three of them and sends one of them, the youngest, to town to get supplies to

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