Greed In Voltaire's Candide And Lady Cunegonde

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Greed is the main cause of evil in the world because it brings the worst in each and every individual. These individuals are capable of anything to accomplish their goals, and self-suffice their needs such as wealth, social-class, etc. An example of greed in Candide is when the old woman tells Lady Cunegonde “I confess that, if I were in your place, I should have no hesitation in marrying the Governor and making the captain’s fortune” (Voltaire, p. 58). In this case the old woman gives advice to Lady Cunegonde that she should marry a stranger just to get away from poverty. Lady Cunegonde is a beautiful, young lady, and because of this she is desired by many men, one of whom is the Governor of Buenos Ayres, as a result she can gain benefits from her beauty. It is unbelievable that she is capable of getting married to a man just because of his social position and wealth.
The role of optimism in Candide is that everything happens for a reason; even terrible events that happen have a reason behind it that leads to a better outcome. In the text Cacambo asked “What is optimism” and Candide answered “It’s the passion for maintaining that all is right when all goes wrong with us” (Voltaire, p. 86). With that being said an example would be when Candide was begging for food and the minister who he asked for food ended up humiliating him, this caused Candide to meet an individual named James, who intervened in his defense. James took him in, cared for him and provided him with basic

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