Greek Mythology : Ancient Greece

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When people wonder about Ancient Greece the first thing that comes to their minds is Greek mythology; gods and goddesses that have helped shape many historical events. “In ancient Greece, stories about gods and goddesses and heroes and monsters were an important part of everyday life.” (“Greek Mythology.”) The civilization showed that numerous characters and stories helped shape Greeks. The beliefs the Greeks had with mythologies was they understood the meaning behind all the characters that are known today. However, to the Greeks, they were not just characters, these were their gods and goddesses who gave them meaning and understanding of the world around them. Worshiping the gods and goddesses helped them with their religious rituals and the temperament of the weather. A famous wine-jar that was made during this time period was “Achilles killing the Amazon Queen Penthesilea, 540-530 BCE, black-figured amphora”. (Khan Academy) The civilization that they lived in grew around their worship and achievements. The classical period was a time of war and conflict, and showed “an era of unprecedented political and cultural achievement,” (“Classical Greece”), during this time period, the Persians began to invade the mainlands and Greek Islands. “In 499 BCE, some Greek city-states and others in the eastern Mediterranean revolted against the Persians…” (Pollard 136) The civilization needed men to be warriors. Among the fact that Persia was invading Greece, it was the beginning of
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