Greek Values Of The Odyssey

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The Odyssey was an extremely popular story that is told around the world. The Odyssey shows many of the traits that the Greeks would have valued. In The Odyssey, the hero Odysseus is coming home from the hard fought Trojan War. On his journey back, he goes through many difficult quests that delays his return by 10 years. Once getting home, he is faced with even more challenges that he has to overcome. During his many adventures, many of the Greek’s valued traits are shown. The Odyssey reflects the Greek values of loyalty, obedience, and hospitality; those who don’t follow it are punished.
Odysseus’ men are killed for being disobedient. Obedience was an important trait that the Greek’s valued. Odysseus warns his men to not eat the cattles of the Sun God. Despite the warning, his men proceeds to capture and kill the cattles. Due to their barbaric actions, the Sun God Helios asks Zeus to punish Odysseus’ men. In the story, Helios says “O father Zeus and gods in bliss forever,/ punish Odysseus’ men! So overweening,/ now they have killed my peaceful kine.../Restitution or penalty they shall pay-/and pay in full...”(923-929). This was said after Odysseus’ men brutally murders Helios’ cattles. Helios is mad at what they have done and asks Zeus to punish them. Since the men are going against the Gods, Helios in this case, they pay dearly for their sins. Odysseus’ men are killed at sea for disobeying the Gods. In the real world, people show obedience by not defying the laws. If they

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