Green Berets: A Folklore or More Essay

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Green Berets

The Vietnam War was a prolong struggle of communist faction forcing unification of north and South Vietnam. To prevent the spread of communism the United States allied with the South Vietnamese to fight back against the communist faction. The Vietnam War span over 18 years it was apparent that there was no way in winning the war. The U.S leaders lost the support of the American people in fighting a war we can’t win. The U.S leaders thought up and created an elite peace keeping force called the Green Berets. The Green Berets gained a lot of attention to the media through books, music, and movies. A compilation of short stories of the Vietnam War by Tim O’Brien is one of those books. In Tim O’Brien book …show more content…

In till after President John F. Kennedy death with the famous Green Beret picture on his grave, the book Green Beret, and the famous ballad of The Green Berets that’s when the Green Berets became popular. The American public viewed the Green Berets as heroes and peacekeepers. But in actuality there is a mysterious ominous side that the public does not know.

The Green Berets are the elite of the United States Army Special Forces. They are highly trained and educated to fulfill their mission. During the early Vietnam War era the Green Berets were in charge of setting up forward outpost deep in the jungle to fend off the Northern Vietnamese forces. In Tim O’Brien story of Sweetheart alpha company was station in “the place had been set up as a Special Forces outpost…” (O’Brien 87). The exclusivity of the Green Berets let them have their own outpost not sharing with many others. Even when they did share with other units they were not completely there. They distance themselves from others sticking within in their own bubble; “They had their own hooch at the edge of the perimeter, fortified with sandbags and a metal fence …” (O’Brien 88). Always staying within their own company Green Berets cause a certain mystique towards them. During an interview with Be Nguyen a South Vietnamese Veteran he shared many weird stories and experience he has had with the Green Berets during the war. From the

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