"Green" Incentives in Malaysia

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Environmental sustainability is gaining much focus in the recent years as people are beginning to strive for a balance between economic growth and sustainability. In fact, many developed countries such as UK, Japan have implemented strict environmental policies to enhance the quality on the environment and to preserve the sustainability of its resources. It is viewed that Malaysia’s effort has been marginal in achieving effective management of resources, pollution control and prevention of environmental degradation.
Tax Incentives
Energy sector is one of the target sectors of Green Technology under the National Green Technology Policy. Various attractive incentives are given to businesses to encourage the generation of renewable
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The incentive can be claimed once in a lifetime on GBI building and the tax exemption is to be offset against 100% of the statutory income. Unutilized qualifying expenditure can be carried forward to subsequent years until it is fully exempted.

b) Stamp Duty Exemption
Buyers of GBI-certified buildings and residential properties from property developers are entitled to claim for their stamp duty exemption in their annual Income Tax Return Forms.
In Budget 2009, 100% import duty and 50% exercise duty are given to franchise holders on new Completely Built Unit (CBU) hybrid cars with engine capacity below 2000cc. Extension and enhancement of tax incentives for hybrid cars in Budget 2011 has granted full import and exercise duties exemption on hybrid and electric cars and motorcycles.
Solid waste is one of the environmental problems that are often overlooked by Malaysian. Due to the increasing population and development, generation of solid waste continues to increase and it is expected to reach about 30,000 tons per day in the year 2020. To promote waste recycling and management, Malaysia introduced tax incentives in the form of Pioneer Status, Investment Tax Allowances, Accelerated Capital

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