Government Of Indonesia Has Issued A New National Energy Policy ( Nep ) Essay

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3 3.4 National Energy Policy
Government of Indonesia has issued a new National Energy Policy (NEP) as stipulated in Government Regulation No. 79/2014. This NEP replaced the old NEP 2006, regulated in Presidential Regulation No. 5/2006. Apart from the mechanism of policy formulation, basically this NEP continues the implementation of Old NEP 2006 with additional some focus and more detail of policy. This following diagram describe the evolution of NEP in Indonesia. Figure….(Source Bappenas, 2012 Keselarasan KEN …)

NEP 2014 mandated minimum of 23 percent of new and renewable energy (NRE) utilization in national energy mix in 2025 and 31% in 2050. This ambitious target is expected to boost the development of NRE as well as reducing greenhouse gases emission and promoting local NRE utilization in remote and isolated area.
NEP 2014 also targets the electrification ratio to reach 100% in 2025. This means electricity can be accessed by all population nationwide. Electricity generation capacity is planned to reach about 115 GW by 2025 and 430 GW by 2050. The NEP mandated also Indonesia energy consumption per capita in 2025 to reach about 1.4 TOE/capita (10.07 BOE/capita) in 2025 and 3.2 TOE/capita (23.02 BOE/capita) in 2050. This following diagram summarized the target on NEP 2014. In short term period, Bappenas has internalized the policy in Mid-Term National Development Planning 2014 – 2019 (RPJMN). The plan consider energy as one of the most prioritized sector in term of
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