Green Tambourine Research Paper

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Green Tambourines, Orange Tangerines, and Loose Turpentine.

It’s not easy braving the world’s wicked ends, and yet it’s natural for me. Being a small rodent doesn’t make it easy but I manage. And yet I cant manage the fact that I went out to collect acorns and ended up here, in all places. As a squirrel it only ever got to go one of two ways: you either shake the tree or the tree shakes you. And somehow, I’m doing both at the same time.

There’s well known secrets about us squirrels, like the whole acorn thing and living in human parks across the world but there are some things left to be told. For instance, we organize as a species. Shaking up the tree is sort of jargon but truth be told, it refers to our Head tree, a central forest in North America, where everything squirrel comes forth from. Unfortunately, if you aren’t visiting as a guest, you’re there for the harvest. Certain acorns aren’t …show more content…

I tend to keep to my own neck of the woods but now it’s harvest, and the Head tree has come to reap what I’ve sown.

Several years ago, I noticed a peculiar anomaly in my dinner one evening. A stock of acorns from a patch of trees far west, a gift gone gonzo in hindsight. After consuming half of a shell, certain parts of my mind began to flourish in ways I couldn’t properly conceive. I order more, and attempted to break their secrets to discover that they were from distant lands I failed to recognize. However, I noticed their tell-tale odor when split in half was most recognizable, something like sage. I kept a clutch, hidden for years. And now I’m looking into it again. With help.

I never thought things like this were possible. Predators have always been difficult, but isn’t it cunning, isn’t it skill, the very tools used against us, ours to use as well? What the head Tree is attempting to do, isn’t any of those

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