Greenland Norse Collapse

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The Choices Societies Make and the Challenges Surrounding Them The choices the Greenland Norse, the people of Easter Island, and the people of Haiti made directly contributed to their societal collapse. Their environmental fragility advanced their downfall, but ultimately their poor decision-making led to their collapse. The Greenland Norse’s and people of Easter Island’s incorrect choices were mostly due to social challenges and reluctance to abandon traditions, but the incorrect choices of the Haitian people were due to selfness and impulsiveness. The Greenland Norse are an excellent example of a society that has collapsed because of the choices they have made, but they also serve as an example of a society who suffered great challenges when considering these alternative solutions. In particular, the Greenland Norse’s lack of adaptability in the decision’s they favored regarding hunting, livestock, the relationship with the Inuit, and the need for European identity drove their society to a collapse. The Norse came to Greenland with traditional hunting and livestock customs such as growing hay to feed their large number of livestock. They practically ignored all other types of hunting that would have benefitted them in their new…show more content…
The separation the Haitian elite enacted and the poor judgment regarding the removal of the white population in Haiti were two detrimental choices the Haitian people made. The majority of the Haitian people did not make the first flawed choice. Much like the Greenland Norse, the wealthier citizens of Haiti tried desperately to cling to European values and societal norms. Instead of helping the lower class and making the collective economy of Haiti grow, “Haiti’s elite identified strongly with France rather than with their own landscape, did not acquire land or develop commercial agriculture, and sought mainly to extract wealth from the
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