Grendel : Barbaric Beast Or Misconstrued Martyr

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Grendel: Barbaric Beast or Misconstrued Martyr We are advised early in our lifetime by our parents, adults, preachers, and even God himself to refrain from judging others. However, sometimes it is hard as humans to not make assumptions about others based on the brand of clothing they wear, the amount of money they make, or how they look. The principle of always being kind to those around us is pounded in our heads from the minute we are able to walk. Generally, being kind and refraining from judgement is a valuable lesson. However, in the case when appearances correspond with personality and your first impression of someone happens to be true, it is almost impossible to believe that judging others is a sinful act. This unique situation being that of the story of Grendel in John Gardner’s novel, Grendel. In this mythical novel, Grendel is an anti-hero that believes in the principles of nihilism. He has many negative attributes that lead me to believe that he is purely evil. These negative traits include being psychotic, remorseless, fear indulging, and blatantly hateful. These ghastly and horrific traits prove his heinous reputation to be true. Grendel shows obvious signs of psychological issues which support the idea that he is a cold-blooded creature. His lack of mental stability is shown when he says, “An evil idea came over me—so evil it made me shiver as I smiled…” (83-84). It is easy to say that he is mentally unstable solely based on the fact that he smiled as he
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