Grendel Vs Humanity

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Humanity is a raging river. People persist, caught up in their own problems and lives. Society is ever-changing, always trying to adapt to new ways of life. Humanity plays a great role in how Grendel changes. Grendel is a beast that watches how humanity develops overtime; he notices how destructive and cruel humanity has become. Despite this, he attempts to get along with the people, but they regard him as a monster and try to kill him. Eventually, he gives into and becomes what the people believe him to be: a savage beast. However, Grendel was never originally evil. In Grendel by John Gardner, the anti-hero Grendel is misunderstood by humanity even though he attempts to socialize; has clear, lucid thoughts; and feels love, but humanity continuously shuts him out and treats him like a monster. Despite the way humanity treats Grendel, Grendel is a very social being. Grendel attempts to socialize with the people, but they are too fearful to be around him and speak with him. During his first confrontation with humans, Grendel yells, “‘Pig!’ I tried to yell. It scared them…The king snatched an ax from the man beside him and, without any warning, he hurled it at me. … ‘You’re all crazy,’ I tried to yell, but it came out as a moan” (Gardner 27). The thanes that attacked Grendel started speaking to him first, because they thought he was a tree spirit, so Grendel attempted to speak with them also; however, the people were petrified of Grendel. Although Grendel attempts to speak

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