Grendel vs. Frankenstein

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Grendel and Frankenstein are two monsters whose society ignores their existence and find them to be burdensome to their society based on the mere fact that they are not like the rest of their surrounding man-kind. Grendel and Frankenstein both strive to accept their place in the views of their surrounding peoples. Although their sporadic happiness comes from them engaging in fights and killing members of their societies, they learn to accept their place within the societies by coping with their ability to stay loyal to themselves and to fight back with self-devotion and not wanting to give up on themselves. Grendel, surprisingly, adapts quite well to his society despite its detestation of his existence. Grendel live is a …show more content…
"Fate will often spare a man if his courage holds"(Gardner 162). He is not afraid, he does what he believes is right without regret or doubt. Grendel raids Herot, reeking havoc on the hall and annihilating its men, bunches at a time. He does this with no fear. Grendel goes for it and knows what he is doing will get a point across to those who taunted and ridiculed him in the first place, when he did no harm. Instead, he was showing appreciation and acceptance of them, but they jumped to other conclusions and tortured Grendel. Most people see heroes like Spiderman or The Incredible Hulk or Batman, battling the bad guys to do good for their community or to live up to their image of being the biggest and strongest to battle their rivals in a fight for power and to take over the world. Or they see these admired heroes help other people battle their problems. Grendel is not like that. Grendel has nobody to protect. He is alone in the world and has only his feelings and actions to rely on and defend. To have the self-power and the self-motivation to stand up for himself, when he never has had anyone else to guide him to do so, is appraisable. Frankenstein's society does not physically torture Frankenstein as Grendel's society did to Grendel, but they mentally torture him. His surrounding people make it clear that Frankenstein is not wanted and is not accepted among their society. The way his society works is that they mentally bring down those that

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