Gretchen Mcculloch's Will We All Speak Emoji Language?

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“Will We All Speak Emoji Language in a Couple Years” was written by Gretchen McCulloch on August 9, 2015 as a blog post on “Mental Floss”, a site geared towards broadcasting fun facts that ordinary people of today may not be familiar with. In the thesis of this article, McCulloch states that we will not speak in complete emoji language in the years to come because: “…no matter how good you are at emoji…there are some things you just can’t say clearly in any combination of little pictures” (McCulloch). One of the main supporting points used in this article is the recreation of Moby Dick, entitled “Emoji Dick”. McCulloch uses the first and second sentences of Emoji Dick to show that the emoji’s do not create a clear sentence structure and is

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