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As society undergoes a progressive change in the media and sexuality sector, there has been an increase in the “queering” of characters across all media platforms, most specifically film and television. Furthermore, in order to better understand the changes that have been ongoing in recent years, I looked at ABC Studio Production’s hit drama series Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes created the Golden Globe winning series, which first aired in March of 2005 and is still running today. In addition to creating the show, Rhimes serves as an executive producer along with Betsy Beers, Mark Gordon, Tony Phelan, Joan Rater and Rob Corn. Further, the reason I selected this example was because I am a dedicated fan of the show and also because the show has …show more content…

It is for this reason, that Torres finds it particularly difficult to confront her father about her same-sex relationship. As mentioned, Torres’ family is catholic and her father is traditional in his beliefs, so when she finally worked up the courage to enlighten him about her new relationship it was profoundly evident she was struggling with the intersection of her social categorizations. Moreover, Torres was struggling with what Dr. Rodriguez’s lecture, Hegemony and All That Jazz coined as “structural intersectionality,” most specifically with religion, financial class and sexual identity. Furthermore, the representation of the intersection of her religion and sexual identity are best summarized by scholars Mary Fukuyama, Ana Puig, Cherly Pence Wolf and Adrienne Baggs in their excerpt Exploring the Intersections of Religion and Spirituality with Race-Ethnicity and Gender in Counseling. In the article the scholars state, “It is important to note that although the media portrays sexual orientation as dualistic (either/or) and religion as conservative (condemning), neither positions are reality.” In other words, Torres is portrayed in a battle with having to choose her religion, family and financial stability, or her bisexuality and relationship with Dr. Robins, but she simply cannot have both. Moreover, although this …show more content…

It is especially compelling given the viewership saw a significant increase when Torres was going discovering her true sexuality. Additionally, it was courageous of ABC studios and the shows producers alike to incorporate a character that by statics was not socially accepted. However, the show brought awareness to the topic and likely aided in many peoples acceptance of same-sex relationships. All in all, Callie Torres is a poster image of what it is for the media to “queer” a

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