Analysis Of Grey 's Anatomy And Anatomy

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Over the course of years Medical TV shows give excitement to viewers. Recently, Grey’s Anatomy has grown to be a very popular show, but has been numerously compared to Scrubs. When more attention is called to this, similarities are present. For example, the storytelling of each show, the platforms, and the classification of characters. There are even claims that lead to believe Grey’s Anatomy copied Scrubs.

In Grey’s Anatomy, it starts off with Meredith Gray being the main character and narrating throughout most of the episodes. She is an intern at a new hospital along with 4 others who will be alongside of her. On the first day of being an intern doctor they are assigned to a resident in which that resident is in charge of showing
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When looking at the platforms of the shows, it is noticeable that in Grey’s Anatomy the main character is a woman who narrates the show and is best friends with another intern woman. On Scrubs J.D. also known as John Dorian is the narrator, but he is a man and is best friends with a male intern. The interns in Grey’s Anatomy are more competitive and confident in performing daily procedures, but in Scrubs the interns try to be competitive and are not very confident in hard situations. Another difference is that In Grey’s Anatomy the scenes are centered around drama and romance that there is going on around the hospital, with some humor and on Scrubs it is more about jokes and sometimes drama. And of course, the nurses are viewed differently in both shows, In Grey’s Anatomy the nurses are not treated well and are ranked lower than the doctors. In Scrubs the nurses are a big help and include funny aspects of them being better than the intern doctors. It is obvious that there are no two shows that are exactly the same, but these are some aspects that make them somewhat different but parallel.

Getting an overview of the 2 shows can be wide opening for there are characters in Grey’s Anatomy that resemble some from Scrubs. When classifying the characters in both shows, many similarities are present.

Taking a closer look at Dr. Cox from Scrubs and Dr. Karev from Grey’s Anatomy it is noticeable that in the hospital both characters seem to
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