Grief Research Paper

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Byron Colbert PSY-100 5/28/16 Kevin Salcido Elisabeth Kubler Ross was a psychiatrist and revolutionizes how people view death and dying. She would listen to dying patients a give them a public form. She came up with five stages of grief. They stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages are used universally. In the first stage that I will discuss is denial. In this stage people may deny the reality of the situation by blocking out the words and hiding from the facts ("5 Stages of Loss & Grief | Psych Central," n.d.-a). For instance, someone could be diagnosed with some form of cancer. That person may not want to know because it might overwhelm them. So they would not want to know the reality of…show more content…
You may also probably want to be isolated and have little to no contact with anyone. And the final stage is acceptance. In this stage it where people are ready to move on and preparing themselves to be without that person (C, n.d.-b). Or have calmness about them. Sometimes terminally ill people show acceptance by putting up a strong front through adversity. For example, Craig Sage who is a sideline reporter for the television network TNT has been diagnosed with leukemia cancer and has been given 3-6 months to live. He is determined to work despite his prognosis and fight to stay alive. In the Latino death rituals are influenced by their catholic beliefs. They have a continuing relationship with the dead through prayer and visits to the grave. Grief can be expressed by crying. Women are allowed to wail while men are not to a lot of emotion. Death for Mexicans in Mexico has more understanding of death because the country is religious, real, poor, and young. Death is shown by statues, art, literature, and history portray death. Mexican children start at an early age to accept death. Mexicans and Latinos celebrate “Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) to remember and honor the dead Lobar, Youngblut, & Brooten, 2006, p. xx-a) . Black Americans can have different emotions from crying to being silent. People usually gather in large gatherings to pay respect. Black Americans have a belief that death is God’s will and the deceased is in God’s hand and will be reunited
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