Group Counseling For Widowed Men Essay

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Group Counseling For Widowed Men Over Sixty Years
For a long time the debate has waged on as to what is the best means for those grieving or the bereaved to cope with the pain and loss of their situation. Though most people opt for the medical approach where they consult a medical professional, there have been those who argue for another different approach that is the use of support groups. This is a term used to refer to counseling frameworks where the grieving are grouped into units composed of several participants from a minimum of four to twelve depending on the number of participants and issue or problem similarity. Support groups are a place where the bereaved can find a safe haven for them to not only express their emotions but also it creates a platform for them to further understand their symptoms of grief the various stages of the grief and mostly provides the opportunity to feel a connection to people who are in a similar position which aids them in coping better with the loss of their loved one (Hospice of the Comforter, 2016). Additionally, social groups have been sold as a sanctuary where the members can adapt to life after loss through both social and grief support and counsel. These groups in many of the cases do not charge the participants a fee or any money and the main premise of their formation is openness and confidentiality where one can express themselves freely. In recent years however, research and studies have increased investigating the effect and

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