Group Reflection Paper

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For the deliberative dialogue assignment and presentation, I believe my group and I went through the Phase Theory of Group Development while working on this project. Before being assigned the project, the five of us, Charisse, Bryce, Abby, Chris, and I, were put together into a group. In class, we got together and decided which topic we wanted to research about. We shared our personal thoughts and experiences in order to have an understanding of each other’s viewpoints. This would be considered the first phase orientation, having a grasp of everyone’s perception in order to reach an agreement of the task. At first, it was difficult for us to write our position in the form of a formal letter. We all had the same goal in mind but didn’t have the steps leading to it. When we had planned to meet outside of class, there wasn’t much discussion or debate regarding our topic due to a collective agreement. Charisse and I attempted to push our group into the second phase of conflict by bringing up new ideas to challenge our existing points. This enabled us to further exchange our thoughts in order to find an effective solution. Our topic affected Chris and I the most, but I attempted to make it relatable to everyone else in the group. Charisse questioned how we should deliver the presentation during class by dividing our topics into three points with an introduction and conclusion. This lead to the third phase, emergence. Through discussion, we were able to uncover details and

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