Growing Up Culture

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Growing up I always grew up around some sort of native, either it be Alaska or Hawaiian native i always grew up around them. Kind of just stuck right in the middle with my immediate family, not really knowing what culture I truly belong to. I never really suffered from any discrimination because of the fact or it never was said or shown straight to my face. My mother on the other hand had a different experience with growing up deciding with no one group of people and the time had a huge impact growing up. So i believe that the time of growing up and the people we surround ourself with really defines who we are. The difference between me and my mother would be the time period of when we grew up, our friends, and also our family and how we were…show more content…
Hr parents never really cared if she did her homework or studied for a big test. She made it to bed on time so she wouldn't be too tired the next day. So eventually when my mom had her first child at a very young age, she dropped out of school and nobody even tried to stop her. However they were always there for her and just like any mother she taught my mother right from wrong. Just like my mother my brother dropped out of school. I feel like compared to how my brother was raised and me i got the better set up, even though i always had a full time father i still got the better more responsible experience version of our mother. The one that cares so much if i get a good education ifi study for my test, and do all my homework. I feel like i can really connect with rudy from “the red headed hawaiian” when he was the same experience with his mother and the huge gap in between when him and his oldest sisters. The same thing for me and my brother that sixteen year gap really changed in which mother my and my brother got. The support system that i am gaven with my friends and family is really amazing and sometimes i think i take advantage of it. My support system i believe really changed my cultural identity because of how i view the world around
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