Culture And The Culture Learning Process

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The world culture has many different meanings depending on the person you ask. Each person has their own view on what they think culture is. To me, culture could be defined as different puzzle pieces that come together to create a person socially, physically and mentally. According to Chapter Three, Culture and the Culture-Learning Process, authors Cushner, McClelland, and Safford (2009) talks about culture and defines it as “Culture determines, to a large extent, people 's thoughts, ideas, patterns of interaction, and material adaptions to the world around them” (p. 61). This definition of culture explains that everyone culture is different based on their environment and influences around them. Culture starts at home and can then branch…show more content…
Culture can also be branched off into three subtopics, which are a social agent, subcultures, and microculture. These subtopics of culture help create your own personal definition of culture and is the makeup of how you view your personal culture. Subculture is a branch off of culture that explains a person view. According to Chapter Three, Culture, and the Culture-Learning Process, authors Cushner, McClelland, and Safford (2009), states “Subculture refers to a social group with shared characteristics that distinguished it in some way for the larger group in which it is embedded” (p. 62). A subculture talks about a group of people that have a different view on culture than the one they grew up with. In “My Life in a Bag” activity during class, I had a rosary bead in there to represent my religion. I grew up in a strong Catholic family that always went to church every Sunday. As I grew up, I realized that religion is important to me, but I didn’t think it was necessary for me to go to church every Sunday when I could talk and pray to God in my own home. I also had a bad experience with the church itself and not my religion. My grandpa was very ill and his one last wish was to go back to his church before his time was up. However, he was divorced and his church did not believe in divorce and considered it to be a sin. They would not let my grandpa back in the church and he was devastated. That changed the way I looked at my religion and realized that I could
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