Culture And The Culture Learning Process

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The world culture has many different meanings depending on the person you ask. Each person has their own view on what they think culture is. To me, culture could be defined as different puzzle pieces that come together to create a person socially, physically and mentally. According to Chapter Three, Culture and the Culture-Learning Process, authors Cushner, McClelland, and Safford (2009) talks about culture and defines it as “Culture determines, to a large extent, people 's thoughts, ideas, patterns of interaction, and material adaptions to the world around them” (p. 61). This definition of culture explains that everyone culture is different based on their environment and influences around them. Culture starts at home and can then branch off into your own personal culture. According to Comprehensive Multicultural Education, author Christine I. Bennett (2015) discusses what is culture and talks about Geertz definition of culture and states “Geertz defines culture as ‘an historically transmitted pattern of meanings employed in symbols, a system of inherited conceptions expressed in symbolic form by mean of which men communicate, perpetuate and develop their knowledge about and attitude towards life’” (p. 40). This shows that culture is always growing with you and it changes based on a person’s experience. We start off by learning our family history and traditions and grow from that. Our culture can change based on environmental factors, meeting someone new or creating new…
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