Growth Mind Concept Essay

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Our children are the future of our country. The education they receive is crucial. Our children should always be taught, at home and at school, that they have the potential to succeed and accomplish whatever they dream of. A growth mindset concept will benefit these children early on by coming into the classroom and flooding them with positivity. Phrases like "I can't", will be in the past if this concept can be implemented early on. This concept can transform these students’ mindsets both at home, and at school to teach them to achieve any level they desire. What exactly is a growth mind concept? Carol Dweck, Ph.D., professor of Psychology at Stanford University, and author of the book Mindset, defines a growth mind concept by saying, “In …show more content…

If you find yourself thinking something negative about your day or yourself, for example, “I am a terrible cook”, then re-direct your thinking to “I may not be the best cook right now, but I can work harder to improve my abilities and become better.” But, “Teachers must be in touch with themselves, too, and look for their own “fixed mindset triggers” (Fensterwald). It sounds so simple, but getting yourself to believe it and work at it is key. Once you gave gotten this technique down, work on it with your children. Teaching your children to think this way, too, will open doors for them they may have never looked twice …show more content…

This system did cost money, however, and many schools are currently lacking that. Schools today don’t absolutely need this curriculum to be taught a growth mindset concept. The understanding of Carol Dweck’s concept and the dedication to use it is what is needed most. Teachers can utilize this concept in every classroom without schools spending a penny. In Fiske’s case study, posted by Mindset Works, they discussed changing praise from performance based to effort based. This challenging, but highly effective tactic is a step our schools can use to get the growth mindset concept thriving in our children’s schools. Also, it doesn’t cost any money at

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